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The Lion King (2019)

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Not many films have come close to tugging at my heartstrings quite like Disney's The Lion King had in 1994. A touching tale about an innocent lion cub prince tricked into exile, who eventually comes of age and returns to reclaim his birthright, this was one of very few films to have ever brought out the sentimentalist and kid in me, AND made me sing in the process! I couldn't get Hakuna Matata out of my head for a long time and I doubt anyone else could either. Such is the magic of Disney.

Twenty-five years on and this endearing metaphorical story remains an epic. So does the perennial message behind it, which teaches us that even though life can be painfully cruel at times, having the fortitude to confront a difficult situation is mightier than we could ever imagine.

While the 1994 original will forever have a special place in my heart, I'm curious to see what Jon Favreau does with this year's photo-realistic VR adaptation. Given his calibre as a director and provided that the wheel isn't unnecessarily reinvented here, The Lion King (2019) should be a roaring success. The trailer certainly looks stunning and young Simba exquisitely cute, so needless to say, I'm mega excited and really, really looking forward to its premiere next month.

Welcome back, Simba! 🦁👑

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