• Caroline Donough

The Crown (Season 3)

You don't have to be interested in the British monarchy to be a fan of Netflix's royal biopic, The Crown. Fueled with stellar performances, outstanding cinematography and visually stunning sets, it chronicles the life and reign of Queen Elizabeth II with spectacular grandeur, while spotlighting slices of history surrounding the royal family and British politics with a subtle balance between historical accuracy and artistic license.

I'm a huge fan, so when Season 3 of the series rolled out last week, it goes without saying that I went into binge-watching mode immediately, consuming all ten episodes in three days. Love, love, love the all-new cast - each and every one of them as brilliant as their predecessors in Seasons 1 and 2 - especially Tobias Menzies who won me over as Prince Philip by the end of the 4th episode, Bubbikins, and Josh O'Connor who absolutely nails it as young and sensitive Prince Charles in my opinion.

Although the series is based on actual people and events we all know, it's anything but a dry documentary. On the contrary, we are like flies on the wall watching as the drama unfolds. It manages to humanise every royal figure it presents as it chips away at the flinty edges of their immaculateness, allowing us to see their inner conflicts and pain and all the emotions they have to suppress for the sake of duty. At times, it's so poignant and heartfelt it really pulls you in. Empathetic storytelling at its best, which is precisely why I think the series is by far one of Netflix's finest productions to date. And it makes what I'm about to say a gross understatement, and that is...

I can't wait for Season 4 to get here. I seriously cannot wait! Hurry up, please! 👑💕


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