• Caroline Donough

Strictly Come Dancing Fan... Who, Me?

Yep, guilty as charged and I'm going to leap right into the topic and say that this season, I'm rooting for actor Kelvin Fletcher who, for me, has been phenomenal since Week 1. I'm beyond thrilled that they subbed him in for injured Jamie Laing. So glad Jamie hurt his foot. Just kidding! 😁

Anyway, jokes aside, I really liked Kelvin's Samba in Week 1, which I'm pretty sure sent the temperature straight up in every female viewer's living room that evening! Mine included! What a way to kick off Strictly Come Dancing, Series 17. He sure stole the night. Way to go, Kelvin!

But I have to say that while I do enjoy watching Latin dances for their heat and spice, I really prefer the grace and elegance of Ballroom dances. So to see him take a crack at Waltz in Week 2 was a ginormous treat for me. And boy, was I impressed. I'm not exactly sure what it was that made the performance so good for me, but I thought it was beautiful. Maybe it was the choreography. Or maybe it was the music. Whatever it was, the piece to me felt like poetry in motion. Of course it wasn't perfect... I mean, come on, it was only Week 2... but I thought it was really fluid and emotive. Plus, it was nice to see a clean-shaven and softer side of Kelvin. Yeah, I know, that last part wasn't necessary, but hey, just saying. 😉

Anyway, last Sunday was Movie Week (aah... my favourite 💖) and I was totally wowed by his Mary Poppins-inspired Charleston. Really brilliant and I thought he did an amazing job channeling lamplighter Jack.

I hope he goes far in the competition and gets to dance the American Smooth and Foxtrot in the weeks to come as I would really, really love to see that. Speaking of which, soap star Ashley Taylor Dawson (who bears a slight resemblance to Joel Kinnaman and is very easy on the eye!) delivered an outstanding jazzy American Smooth in Series 11, while figure skater Charlie White killed the Foxtrot on Dancing with the Stars, Season 18. Amazing stuff, so if Kelvin does get the chance, unbelievable would surely have to be the benchmark. No pressure, I'm sure he can do it!

Anyway, I can't wait to watch the next episode tonight. Keep smashing it, Kelvin!


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