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Some Things Never Get Old

It's way past midnight and I'm well and truly in night owl mode, which isn't unusual if anyone knows me. Playing oh-so softly in the background as I write this is my David Gates & Bread Essentials CD, just loud enough for me to enjoy without waking up the entire house. And like the whisper of a light breeze, David Gates' prolific voice is gliding gently off the speakers as he sings Baby I'm-a Want You... a beautiful song from 1972 with lyrics so deep it belies their simplicity. I often listen to it on repeat - i.e. the same track over and over and over again - as I do other songs I like. That reminds me, I'm pretty sure my Earth, Wind & Fire: Greatest Hits CD got wrecked because I played Let's Groove to death. Yeah... I know I'm weird, but that's OK. I'm cool with that.

Anyway, this week has been ace watching Liverpool lift the Premier League 2019/20 trophy. The last time they claimed the league title, I was still in a school uniform with my ponytailed head buried in textbooks and homework. Talk about a long wait and a lifetime ago. But you know what they say, "Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet." Indeed it is, but hopefully their next league victory won't take another 30 years to happen. I may not last that long. 😄

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You know, I was just thinking it's funny how things work out sometimes. Five years ago when Jürgen Klopp first arrived at the club, I wasn't convinced he'd be able to turn things around. I mean, let's be honest... apart from a handful of decent individual players, the squad at the time was, by and large, crappy-average, and I have no problem admitting that as a fan. Yet everyone I knew said he could do it. Like I said, I was doubtful and "I'll believe it when I see it" was how I put it. Well, after seeing Liverpool become the first English club ever to win the international treble last season - UEFA Champions League, UEFA Super Cup and FIFA Club World Cup - and the Premier League title this season, I have to quote The Monkees and say "now I'm a believer"! I mean, seriously... What. A. Transformation. Like wow. Just wow! I take it back, Klopp. You're a wizard. A team-tweaking wizard. All these trophies... 😍 ...!!! I could get used to this!

Oooh, you know what? David Gates' 1978 hit song, Goodbye Girl (one of my all-time faves), just came on and guess what? It's derailing my train of thought! Silly me, I should've known this would happen. I really do want to write some more, but this sweet, undulating ballad is pulling me in like a magnet, so I might as well yield. Note to self: No more listening to music next time I write!

So anyway, until my next piece, it's over and out for now. Cheers! 🙂


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