• Caroline Donough

Retro Music "Rampage"

Yep, you read that right - I'm on a retro music "rampage"! Going through some old material I haven't touched in some time and all I can say is, old school is amazing. Amazing. The '70s especially. Mind-blowing stuff. Like, wow. So for a change, I'm thinking I'm just going to kick back today and post a few songs instead of write.

Here goes:

This next one is an awesome take on The Spinners' 1972 classic. I actually prefer this 1985 version to the original.

Another 1985 relic I'd almost forgotten about, but super happy to have dug up, is this one:

Anyway, there's way too much good stuff in front of me here (they sure set the bar high back then), so I'm just going to sit back, stop typing and enjoy the music.

But I'll be back soon. 😎


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