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Eurouhaus at SS18 Subang Jaya: The Rebirth of a Culinary Icon

e-Caroline.com | Eurouhaus at SS18 Subang Jaya: The Rebirth of a Culinary Icon

Back in 2004, long before Subang Jaya became the flourishing foodie hub that it is today, the serene neighbourhood of SS18 had its very own gastronomic treasure called TJ Haus. Nestled within an intimate first floor space modelled on a whimsical European gastropub, the restaurant was renowned in the vicinity and beyond for serving fine continental cuisine.

Up until late last year, TJ Haus was still dishing up superb food, but here's the latest scoop - TJ Haus has been sold. I hate to repeat that, but yes, it's been sold. Yep. I know the feeling. Personally, I adored that place. The food was divine. But the good news is that even though TJ Haus is no more, it isn't completely gone.

e-Caroline.com | Eurouhaus at SS18 Subang Jaya: The Rebirth of a Culinary Icon

Reincarnated as Eurouhaus by its new owner, the name of the restaurant and possibly a few other minor details are just about the only things that have changed. Everything else is more or less still the same. The food. The decor. Even the sous-chef is the same guy who served under Chef Thomas Kepler of TJ Haus. It's a pity that Kepler, and co-founder, Jeffrey Tan, have decided to call it a day, but based on my conversation with the new team and their plans to honour the original blueprint, it looks like Eurouhaus is all set to preserve a neighbourhood culinary legacy, which I think is fantastic. Subang Jaya, you are so lucky! 😊

It's been a while... so for my birthday last week, the folks and I decided we'd check out the rebirthed restaurant. And I have to say... talk about déjà vu. When we got there, the ambience was what hit us instantly. Dainty potted plants lined the white stairs that lead up to the restaurant, and as we walked in, the traditional interior with novelty ornaments, figurines, mementos and curios all arranged in a confused mess (which makes it perfect, by the way!) enveloped us in warm and fuzzy nostalgia. It was just as we remembered it. And like a salve that soothes the soul, the familiarity felt unbelievably comforting. It's the kind of emotion that could only be described as "feeling at home". And it felt good. It certainly made my birthday all the more special. Plus, peeing cupid is still there in all his glory! 😄

e-Caroline.com | Eurouhaus at SS18 Subang Jaya: The Rebirth of a Culinary Icon

Anyway, Zhi Yan was our waitress that afternoon and she suggested we try the Set Lunch, which we did. You get one dish (there are five to choose from as pictured above) and one iced lemon tea for just RM18.90. For a Western meal, that's a pretty good deal by today's standards. The folks each had the Chicken Chop with Mushroom Sauce, Salad and Rice, while I went for the Fillet of Dory with Cream Sauce and Rice. The portions were good, and I loved the rich, buttery cream sauce that accompanied my dory. It really elevated the dish. Loved it. ❤️

Our verdict for both dishes: 👍🏻👍🏻

I'm eager to try the other Set Lunch options soon. Next time, I may opt for pasta. Maybe the Aglio Olio E Peperoncino.

e-Caroline.com | Eurouhaus at SS18 Subang Jaya: The Rebirth of a Culinary Icon
Chicken Chop with Mushroom Sauce, Salad and Rice

e-Caroline.com | Eurouhaus at SS18 Subang Jaya: The Rebirth of a Culinary Icon
Fillet of Dory with Cream Sauce and Rice

Of course, their à la carte dishes can't go unmentioned. There's their ever-popular Chicken Cordon Bleu with Seafood and Cheese Stuffing, Curried Cream Sauce and Rice (RM28.50), then there's the Hungarian Devilled Goulash with Noodles (RM28.00), which is to die for in my opinion, and then there's their German Style Crispy Duck with Red Cabbage, Potatoes and Orange Sauce (RM34.00), which is off the charts. And that's just the shortlist!

e-Caroline.com | Eurouhaus at SS18 Subang Jaya: The Rebirth of a Culinary Icon

They have desserts and ice cream, too... which are, for lack of a more poetic word, yummy. 😉

And a nice wine and beer selection, too. The Weihenstephaner beer from Germany (RM28.50 a bottle) is their house special, by the way.

From the outside, Eurouhaus might look unassuming, but step inside and you're somewhere in idyllic Europe. This place is made for Instagram, and if its past is any indication, the decorations they put up at Christmastime will take your breath away. Seriously.

I don't know about you, but despite the surge in new and trendy places to eat, I quite enjoy celebrating older restaurants that have stood the test of time. Like Eurouhaus, for instance (albeit only into its "second generation"). They're enigmatic and usually have a story to tell. And I find that fascinating. I don't know, maybe I'm just old-fashioned like that.


If you like dining where the ambience is as warm as the food on your plate, I think you'll like Eurouhaus. It's great for families, romantic for couples and perfect for celebrating birthdays or any milestone in your life.

Last but not least, a quick shout-out to Zhi Yan for ensuring my folks and I had the best time. Thanks, Zhi Yan! 🙂


27A Jalan SS18/1B

47500 Subang Jaya



Tel: 03 5636 4508

Business Hours:

- Mondays: CLOSED

- Tuesdays to Sundays: 12.00 pm to 3.00 pm, and 6.00 pm to 11.00 pm

- Set Lunch: 12.00 pm to 2.30 pm (Tuesdays to Fridays)

Eurouhaus offers pork-free dining.


Note: Prices, where mentioned, are correct at time of writing.