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Amazing August

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Do you sometimes feel like you're having a great month and you don't want it to come to an end? Well, that's exactly how I feel about August because it's turned out to be a pretty amazing month for me. Busy for sure, even right now... but I thought I'd check in really quickly and just journal the few highlights that really made it pop for me.

For one thing, Liverpool won the UEFA Super Cup (woo-hoo!) and Premier League is back. Three matches into the season and we're sitting pretty right at the top of the table with nine solid points. Way to kick things off, Reds! #YNWA

Also, my brother came to visit from Australia, which was really nice having him here for two weeks. We went out, we explored restaurants, we saw The Lion King, etc, etc, etc. We had a ton of fun. Plus, I was on "chauffeur duty" the whole time and I don't think I've ever driven around PJ this much before. Not complaining because... good times! And he brought Tim Tams! And chocolate! Lots! 😁

And now, the US Open tennis tournament is underway. I'm excited and I just have one thing to say: COME ON, RAFA!

OK, that's it. I know this is brief, but I will write more next time. To those of you reading this, I wish you a wonderful day or evening, wherever you may be. God bless, take care and enjoy the remainder of August. Cheers for now. 🙂


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