• Caroline Donough

Esquire Kitchen - Pick Your Choice Set

Whenever I'm in the mood for tasty Shanghainese and Sze Chuan cuisine, I'd head over to Esquire Kitchen. Their Subang Parade outlet had just recently been refurbished, so I took my folks to lunch there last weekend.

Esquire Kitchen's "Pick Your Choice" Set | e-Caroline.com

Pick Your Choice Set menu

The restaurant's current promotion - Pick Your Choice Set at RM80.90 for three dishes - caught our eye. Included with the set are three bowls of rice and a large bowl of soup for sharing. Sounded like good value and just nice for the three of us. So instead of ordering à la carte, we decided to go for the set. It lets you choose:

  • one Meat dish (Stir Fried Calamari with Sambal, Fish Slices with Spring Onion and Ginger, Pork Strips Sze Chuan Style or Paprika Chicken);

  • one Bean Curd dish (Mapo Bean Curd, Esquire Bean Curd, Xihu Beancurd or Homestyle Bean Curd); and

  • one Vegetable dish (Eggplant Sze Chuan Style, 4 Angle Bean with Belacan, Mak Choy with Fermented Bean Curd or Stir-Fried French Beans).

The dishes we selected were Paprika Chicken, Homestyle Bean Curd and Eggplant Sze Chuan Style.

Here's a closer look at our dishes:

Paprika Chicken

Whenever we dine at Esquire Kitchen, we always order the Paprika Chicken. Always. It's our favourite dish there. It's paprika-marinated diced chicken stir-fried with cashew nuts, spring onion and dried chilli, glazed with a rich, thick, glossy dark sauce. And the big, bold flavour it packs makes it absolutely lush. Love it. So glad it's on the set menu.

Esquire Kitchen's "Pick Your Choice" Set - Paprika Chicken | e-Caroline.com

Paprika Chicken

Homestyle Bean Curd

We're not really fans of tofu, but since it's part of the set, we opted for the Homestyle Bean Curd. Cooked with shiitake mushroom, spring onion, snow pea and thinly sliced carrot, it tastes quite nice, albeit somewhat subtle. Next time, we may try the Mapo Bean Curd, which is cooked with some chilli and should, therefore, deliver more oomph.

Esquire Kitchen's "Pick Your Choice" Set - Homestyle Bean Curd | e-Caroline.com

Homestyle Bean Curd

Eggplant Sze Chuan Style

My mum and I like aubergine (and my dad doesn't mind it), so choosing the Eggplant Sze Chuan Style was kind of a no-brainer for us. With this dish, you get stir-fried eggplant in fairly thick strips. So even though it's soft, it still has a slight bite to it. Not soggy or mushy. So thumbs up.

Esquire Kitchen's "Pick Your Choice" Set - Eggplant Sze Chuan Style | e-Caroline.com

Eggplant Sze Chuan Style

We also ordered a plate of Fried Rice with Salted Fish (RM17.40 à la carte) to share as we love fried rice. It was divine.

Esquire Kitchen's "Pick Your Choice" Set - Fried Rice with Salted Fish | e-Caroline.com

Fried Rice with Salted Fish

Overall, this Pick Your Choice Set should appeal to many. It combines decent selections and delicious flavours, and feeds three diners nicely. The set is valid until November 2018 so there's still time to check it out if you like.

Esquire Kitchen has outlets at most major malls throughout the Klang Valley and is open from 10.00 am to 10.00 pm daily.


Note: Prices, where mentioned, are correct at time of writing.