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Seeds & Wheats Cafe - Hidden Culinary Gem in Section 13, Petaling Jaya

Within the vicinity of commercial Section 13, Petaling Jaya lies a delightful petite cafe called Seeds & Wheats. Located along Jalan Bersatu 13/4, this charming little hidden gem sits cosily at the Ground Floor of Axis Business Park (the building which houses Fuji Xerox’s Petaling Jaya office).

Exterior, with shaded al fresco seating

Seeds & Wheats is an Asian-Western fusion cafe that serves amazing food. You'll find a ton of variety here. From ala carte dishes (like fried rice, spaghetti aglio e olio, chicken chop and many other popular favourites) to fresh pastries (like pain au chocolat, buttery croissants, fruity tarts and other baked goods in a variety of flavours), there’s something for every appetite. Plus, they brew a prime selection of coffees, too.

Set lunch menu board

My workmate and I have been here for lunch twice now... and I came again by myself last Friday. What we love best are the SET LUNCHES. Their set lunch menu changes daily, so it never gets dull.

For just RM14.90* nett, you get:

- a main meal

- free-flowing Lemonzhi (that's the proprietor’s own signature “Tea, Lemon and Ganoderma” beverage mix), and

- all-you-can-eat banana bread slices

Talk about great value.

Banana bread slices

On Fridays, I try to be pescetarian. So last Friday, the set lunch option I went for was Ghee Rice with Fish Varuval and Raita… and what a delicious choice that turned out to be.

Ghee Rice with Fish Varuval and Raita set lunch

Close-up of the spice-infused fish varuval

The ghee rice was fluffy and fragrant, and the fish varuval was cooked to perfection. It had a nice kick of spices that started off mild, then gradually ended up dancing in the mouth. I love food like that – with flavours that pack a punch, tickle your taste buds and delight your senses. So divine.

The cafe’s ambience is inviting with piped-in music playing in the background. There’s an indoor non-smoking section which is simple yet daintily decorated, and an al fresco smoking section which is shaded and airy. The concept here is straightforward: pick your choice from the menu boards, then order and pay at the counter.


I’d like to close by acknowledging the cafe’s bubbly and friendly crew. Shan, in particular, seems to really understand the meaning of service with a smile. She greeted me with a really enthusiastic “Welcome!” when I arrived, proactively helped me with my order and then bade me a warm “Thank you, please come again!” when I left. Bonus points right there.

Seeds & Wheats' friendly faces

If you’d like to check them out, here are the details:

Seeds & Wheats Cafe

Axis Business Park (Ground Floor of Fuji Xerox's Petaling Jaya office)

Jalan Bersatu 13/4

Section 13

46200 Petaling Jaya



Seeds & Wheats is open daily from 8.00 AM to 8.00 PM.

*Prices, where mentioned, are correct at time of writing.


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