• Caroline Donough

Shout-Out to E-Cards

Remember in February I wrote about my love for real greeting cards? You know, real greeting cards. The old-fashioned paper variety that you can hold in your hand and display around the house? Yep, those ancient relics! I admit it, I'm a sucker for those!

E-cards vector art

© VectorStock But I also did mention in that post that I do like e-cards, too... because they are pretty cool and they do have their advantages. So to be fair, I'm dedicating this post to listing the reasons why I like e-cards. Here goes: Eco-Friendliness As far as I'm concerned, this is the ultimate brilliance of e-cards. I like being "green" and doing my part to protect the environment, so this one's a biggie for the inner environmentalist in me. Since e-cards are digital media files, not a single pulp of paper goes into producing them. So no matter how many e-cards we send out, we will never, ever harm Mother Nature. Genius. Convenience and Speed It is nice to send someone a real card. And it sure as heck is nice to receive one. I know I like it. But it takes effort and some running around to send a real card. Not very convenient, is it? And then it takes time to arrive through the postal service. Not much fun waiting either, right? Which is why an e-card is the answer. Taking mere minutes to send and to receive, all you need is a social media connection or an email address, and - voilà! - it's done. Cost-Effectiveness Imagine that you’re sending a real card. That may cost you a cup of latte. No big deal, right? OK. Now imagine sending hundreds, if not thousands, of cards. “Who sends out that many cards?!” you may ask. Companies. And the ones with long mailing lists... can you imagine the amount of money they spend on cards and postage? Can you visualise the amount of work it takes to stuff, seal and stamp each individual envelope? I've dealt with that before and believe me, it was no picnic. So thank goodness for e-cards. What a relief it is to be able to customise and email blast them out for free. OK, that's it. That's my little tribute to e-cards. Short and sweet. While there are numerous other reasons to love e-cards, these are the ones that resonate the most with me. What about you?


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