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A New Malaysia, Avengers: Infinity War and Liverpool FC

As I start to type this post, I'm struck by the realisation that we're getting close to the end of May. What an eventful month it's been in terms of current events. In my mind, three particular events stand out. They're completely unrelated to one another except for the fact that they all occupy a place in the month of May.

Since these three events are on my mind right now, I think I'll go ahead and write about them. Here we go:

A New Malaysia

Pakatan Harapan flags

© The Online Citizen

Those who know me know that politics isn't my cup of tea, so don't worry, I'm not about to go on a political rant. I just think that since GE14 (the recent Malaysian general election) produced such dramatic results, it deserves a mention. It was historical to say the least, so without a doubt it'll go down in the history books of Malaysia as the mother of all elections.

Polling day took place on the 9th of May, and after 61 years of Barisan Nasional rule, Malaysians voted for change and the country is now on course for a new future under a brand new administration - Pakatan Harapan (which translates to Alliance of Hope in English).

When the results were announced, an elation unlike any other I've ever seen or felt in this country erupted all across the land. Post-election euphoria, an enduring sense of excitement continues to be felt across the populace. To say that a newfound joy has infused the nation would be an understatement. It's more like sweeping jubilation.

The echoing sentiment is that there's finally new hope for the country and opportunities are rife for the new government to right certain wrongs and turn things around. Millions of Malaysians are counting on it. Like them, so am I.

Avengers: Infinity War

Loki handing the Tesseract to Thanos

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As a loyal fan of Loki (and I mean fiercely loyal), what befell my beloved God of Mischief in the film Avengers: Infinity War had a profound emotional impact on me. I don't really know how to describe how I felt when I saw Thanos strangling Loki to death except to say that it crushed me. My eyes teared up and my heart sank. I think I must've stopped breathing for a good ten seconds before I realised I wasn't breathing. That scene really ripped me apart.

If I'm being honest, I was actually really furious, too. I mean, how could they expect us to believe that Loki would try to kill Thanos with just his dagger? Who wrote that scene? I mean, come on! Loki - the Sorcerer Supreme in all of Asgard - is too smart to do that. He knows it would never work. It would take more than a measly dagger to destroy Thanos. Loki knows that, which makes killing him off in such a feeble manner insulting to fans like me. And what made it even worse was that it happened right in the opening scene. Bloody hell. At least give him up till midpoint of the film. I think Tom Hiddleston deserved at least that much for his incredible portrayal of Loki all these years.

On a more positive note, though, there's speculation that Loki may be faking his own death (yet again). No, this isn't a case of grasping at straws. Well, maybe a bit but referencing the Thor films, we've seen the trickster fool us time and again, so who's to say he isn't doing that now?

Also, numerous theories abound that hint at what may come in the next Avengers film (set for release in 2019), which may save Loki. One of these theories revolves around Tony Stark. Based on leaked set photos of the next Avengers film, it appears as though Stark may travel back in time from Infinity War to the very first Avengers film in an attempt to alter events of the past so that the brutal massacre spawned by Thanos in Infinity War may be reversed. As a result, Loki and all the other casualties may be spared. Ant-Man's Quantum Realm is highly speculated to be the way by which Stark goes back.

I'm not going to enter the labyrinth of theories myself but I do like this particular time-travel one. It seems plausible so I'm hopeful. Fingers crossed, Loki will be A-OK!

Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC Champions League

© Goal.com

As an ardent Liverpool supporter, it goes without saying that I'm thrilled to bits that they're in the UEFA Champions League final. To qualify for Champions League in itself is no mean feat, let alone making it all the way to the final, so this is a proud achievement for the club. And Liverpool are no pushovers - they've won the title five times. One last hurdle to go before they make it six this weekend!

Of course, defending champions, Real Madrid, will have something to say about that and Liverpool will have to defeat them in the final if they are to bring the trophy home to Anfield.

There's no denying that Real Madrid are clear favourites here. They hold the record for lifting the trophy twelve times. And with Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale and Karim Benzema in their attack, they're lethal. But Liverpool's trio of Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mané and Roberto Firmino are arguably just as menacing, so a victory for the Kop isn't impossible. Difficult, maybe... but not impossible. And as the saying goes, the ball is round so anything could happen. My fingers are crossed!

And there you have it... the three most riveting events in the month of May for me. And I'm attaching great hope to each one of them. So here's hoping for the best AND expecting the best!


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